argent cor media company

Why Argent Cor?

Argent Cor LLC is a Twin Cities based internet and new media umbrella Company. Our focus is on creating and operating highly innovative products and services with sustainable, scalable business models…

Our mission is to create and use technology to make a positive impact on our customers, our employees, our families and the world.

We’re young, lean, innovative, social, creative and hungry. We work hard and have fun. We partner with people who have the vision and drive to make an impact in our communities and the world.

Digital Solutions

ArgentCor is also a Web Design and Marketing Agency. We are a team of passionate professionals with experience and vision. Our vision is to create and execute extraordinary web, mobile, social and local marketing and advertising strategies . . .

Mobile Development

AppClerk creates private label, native smart phone apps for businesses. Our apps run on iPhone, Android and Blackberry and can be downloaded by your customers and carried around 24/7…

The internet is a vast community to help each and everyone that seeks any type of information with what they need. That’s why today a company as big and huge like argent cor has decided to put together a high and big database. Argent cor is a web based company and our specialty is simply to put every piece of information that people in Minnesota and other parts of the country are really looking for. For a very long time there has never been anytime in the least when our new internet and media company.